Barbie Inspires a Pink Nail Revolution

The Barbiecore manicure trend has taken to talons all across the globe thanks to Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie starring Aussie actress Margot Robbie who's 'think pink' attitude on the red carpet has us all clammering for Barbie everything and anything.. including nails!

Bring a sense of fun, femininity, and nostalgia to your fingertips with our fave pink nail looks that channel the playful spirit and timeless elegance of Barbie. 

Pretty in Pink Pastels: For a delicate and dreamy Barbie manicure, opt for soft pastel pinks. Apply a light pink shade as the base and accentuate it with dainty floral nail art or subtle glitter accents. This look exudes elegance and innocence, capturing Barbie's signature style flawlessly.

Selena Gomez Barbie Pastel Pink Nails by Tom Bachik

Ombre Barbie Glam: Show off a mesmerising gradient effect that blends different shades of pink in an ombre style. Our Strawberry Milk press-on nails deliver this to perfection.

Barbie Ombre Press-On Nails

Bold and Barbie Pink: Make a statement with a vibrant, bold pink hue reminiscent of Barbie's iconic look. Whether you choose a glossy or matte finish, this shade will demand attention. Consider customising our Perfect HOT Pink from the Mini Kit collection by adding metallic accents or geometric patterns to elevate the design and express your individuality. 

Perfect Pink Nailfitt Press-On Nails

Barbie Sparkle: What's a Barbie manicure without some sparkle? Add a touch of glamour by incorporating glitter into your pink nail design. From subtle shimmer to dazzling bling, the options are endless to achieve that extra touch of Barbie-inspired glam.


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