Application Tips

How to Apply Nailfitt™ Premium Press-On Nails

  • Clean and dry your natural nails prior to applying press-on nails
  • Choose the right size press-on nails for each nail
  • Wipe fingernails with the alcohol prep pad provided in the press-on nails kit
  • Push back cuticles and lightly buff natural nails (this helps the glue or gel pads adhere)
  • Apply sticky gel tabs OR nail glue to your natural nails. 
  • Gel double-side adhesive tabs are ideal for first-time users or if you only want to wear the nails for up to 5-7 days. Ensure you find the right size to fit comfortably from your cuticle to cover your natural nail bed.
  • Glue is ideal for longer-term wear and can last 2-3 weeks. Apply a dab on the press-on nail as well as a decent dab on the lower part of your natural nail.
  • Always start application at the pinky finger. Pressing at a 45-degree angle from the cuticle line upwards, hold for 15 seconds to secure and to remove any air bubbles. 
  • Do the thumbs last. 
  • Avoid showering or swimming up to one hour before and after application


How to Remove Nailfitt™ Premium Press-On Nails

  • Soak your hands with the press-on nails in warm soapy water with a tablespoon of olive oil for 15 minutes
  • Use a cuticle stick to gently lift edges of the press-on nail
  • Peel back the press-on nails gently. Do not force the press-on nails. Soak for longer if required
  • Buff away any excess glue or gel tab from your natural nails and from the press-ons
  • Use the cuticle stick to remove excess gel sticker from the press-on nails so they are ready for re-use. 


Pro Plus Tip

  • Coconut Oil rubbed over the press-ons and fingernails helps to remove the gel adhesive pads even faster. Use the cuticle stick to push some of the coconut oil under the nails to help dissolve the stickiness.


Caring for Nailfitt™ Premium Press-On Nails

  • Store your press-on nails in cool dry place
  • Avoid contact with water and harsh chemicals
  • Replace your press-on nails every two weeks, or when they begin to lift from the natural nail bed


  • Apply more glue for longer staying power.
  • Apply to your little fingernail first and your thumbnail last.
  • Use the adhesive pads for shorter use.
  • Avoid contact with water for one hour before and after application.