About Us


Nailfitt™ Premium Press-On Nails are the revolutionary new way to get salon-quality nails at home in minutes.

Unlike other press-on nails (made from ABS) our nails are a softer gel (made from MABS) that is flexible and moulds to natural nails.

Nailfitt™ press-ons are non-damaging, cruelty-free, chip-resistant and reusable for up to 10 applications.

Each kit comes with everything you need for a manicure in minutes:

24-30 nails of different sizes; prep pad; cuticle stick; nail buffer; sticky gel tabs; nail glue.

Image: Kelli Lea Armstrong is the founder of Nailfitt™

Saving you Time, Money & Effort

The brand was born after my own experience with salon gel nails last year. I loved the way my long coffin ombre nails looked at an event, but when I went back to my reality, sitting at a computer and parenting a six-year-old, I quickly realised they were far from practical. I also didn't have the time nor the budget for the maintenance they required. I cut them down and wore them for three weeks, wanting to get my money's worth, and then I eventually had them removed. But, my natural nails were ruined and it took six months for them to grow back to full strength.

"If only there was a quality press-on nail version," I thought to myself.

Well, now there is!

Nailfitt™ removes all those inconveniences I and many others have experienced with more permanent manicures. These nails can be applied in 10 minutes, worn for a night, a weekend or up to two weeks. Press-On nails are perfect for those of you who don’t want to wear nails ALL the time. Perhaps you work a nine-to-five or FiFo job that doesn’t allow long nails, but you’d like a luxe mani for the weekend. Maybe you want to elevate your work wardrobe for a last-minute date or speaking occasion. Or perhaps you prefer a short ‘n chic finish so you feel ‘done’ during the day-to-day. Or, like my mum, you might want to cover up nails damaged from medication.

Whatever it is, retailing between $37 and $41, Nailfitt™ Premium Press-On Nails are an affordable and convenient option that will deliver a quality salon-finish so shiny, you just won’t believe they’re press-ons.

Kelli x