What makes Nailfitt™ better than other press-on nails?

Our press-on nails are made from a premium quality MABS plastic rather than ABS. We won't get technical, but the M is what makes all the difference in the way they mould to the natural nail bed for the perfect fit and stay.


How do they stay on?

There are two ways to apply Nailfitt™ Press-Ons. With the supplied glue or sticky gel tabs. The glue is definitely more bonding and perfect if you want to wear the nails for up to two weeks. Gel tabs are ideal for up to five days. These are also incredibly sticky. Be sure to size the tabs and the nails correctly for the perfect fit and staying power. 


Do you have any sustainability practices in place?

Yes! The press-on nails are reusable. The packaging is recyclable and the bubble mailers your kits arrive in are compostable. We are looking at press-on nails made from a recyclable material too - watch this space. 


They look really long, do you have shorter styles? 

We definitely offer a selection of shorter styles. But all Nailfitt™ press-ons are also customisable. That means you can trim and file the press-ons to your desired length. 


Will they chip like a regular manicure?

No! Nailfitt™ press-ons are high-shine and chip-resistant. Nailfitt press-on nails will not fade or peel off and they are long-wearing.


Will I still be able to open things easily with press-on nails? 

Yes! We've done the soft drink can test and the press-on nails survived. So did the can.


Is the glue bad for your nails?

We don't recommend wearing the press-on nails for longer than 10-14 days and to let your natural nails breathe in between. Anything with chemicals in it, including regular nail polish, is damaging if used long-term. 


When will you get more shades in?

We are regularly updating our range and aim to restock sell-out styles within 4-6 weeks. Be sure to sign up to the mailing list for news on new styles, nail health and trends. 


Why do the Mini Kits' nails have nibs at the tips?

This is due to the type of laser cutter the manufacturer uses. These can simply be buffed away with the buffer in the kit or any nail file for a seamless finish. It will not damage or change the shape of the nail.

If you discover any roughness or a small indent at the tip on any of the nails, again this is because of the manufacturing process and can be softly buffed away. In no way should it affect the finish of the press-on nails once they're applied. If you feel it compromises the final look and finish please get in touch with us.


Do press-on nails have chemicals?
Unlike acrylic nails, which require chemical-intensive application and removal processes, press-on nails are made from more eco-friendly materials and are reusable. Handmade press-on nails such as Nailfitt press-on nails are crafted using non-toxic materials and can be customised to fit your individual nail size and shape.

What is the list of ingredients?

Gel nails material: Methacrylate Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (MABS) Glue Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, BHA. Adhesive Tabs: Ethyl Acetate Prep pad: Isopropyl alcohol, vinyl tris silane rosin acrylate